Charlotte Cavellier | About Me
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With over 10 years experience working in creative development/branding strategy for diverse organisations, I currently work as a UI/UX freelance designer.


I have assisted clients from all backgrounds and industries to design and implement thoughtful and impactful branding tools to help grow their business online, but also offline, improving the Customer eXperience through all kind of actions.


I apply the design-thinking process to conduct creative analysis and design best-fit solutions for any type of project . My strong conceptualisation ability allows me to picture and then bring to life beautiful work, in collaboration with architects, front-end, functional designers and developers. I believe that communication is the most important part when building a product. I’d define myself as a team player.


As a detail oriented individual, i am adept at listening to client’s needs and combining them with the output of user research, then analysing and implementing the best designed solution for end users/customers.


Finally i have extensive knowledge of wireframes, user flows, and storyboard creation.

Today, to be creative and create unique experiences lies in keeping an eye on everything at any scale on any kind of support and build a bridge between users/customers, stakeholders, marketing, and technologies.


Check my linkedin profile to know more about me.


You can also browse my digital portfolio to see only the UX/UI experiences.